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Acutonics Sound Therapy™

A powerful, yet subtle experience, Acutonics™ integrates sound into every treatment while drawing on the therapeutic roots of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and energy healing. This needle-free treatment applies the vibration of tuning forks to traditional acupuncture points, invigorating the flow of qi (chi) in the body and harmonizing chakras (energy centers). This pleasant treatment stimulates acupuncture points with subtle vibration. The forks are held so that the gentle hum of the forks can be heard; the sound is healing in and of itself. The forks are also placed directly on acupuncture points, and a gentle vibration is felt.

If desired, the last 10 minutes of this treatment will include shallow insertion of a few needles into specific acupuncture points to harmonize this treatment. This is a great adjunct to any of our other treatments.