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Allergy Elimination Acupuncture (NAET)

Allergy Elimination is a technique that has been helpful in treating and mediating reactivity to numerous foods, substances and conditions to which one’s body has developed an allergic sensitivity. The NAET technique can help restore balance and as a result, improve overall health and wellness. This natural, drugless, painless, non-invasive method can be used safely for adults, children and infants.

By using acupuncture with applied kinesiology, we can help you to eliminate your allergies or become much less sensitive to them. The initial diagnostic consultation uses applied kinesiology to determine the substances to which you are allergic. Specific acupressure points along the spine are massaged and then a simple acupuncture treatment is performed.

Visits thereafter will focus on eliminating one allergy or sensitivity at a time. Normally only one item or family of items is treated on a given day. The treatment itself is approximately 30 minutes long.  The desensitizing process after the treatment takes 25 hours to be complete. During this period, the substance must be completely avoided.